Personal Training

Online personal training.

As an online coach I offer a friendly approach that deals with the fitness needs of a wide variety people. Workouts designed around your lifestyle, so workouts are simple and easy to follow and targeted to your goals. All abilities covered.

Below is an example of workouts relating to one simple exercise, a push up. I also have examples of full workouts. Just click the links and they will be sent direct to your device. No contacts, no sign ups etc. Straight to your device with no questions or email addresses asked for.

beginners Push ups

If the first exercise is too easy, skip to the next. If the next is too easy move again until you find your level. Click the link and enjoy!

Beginners press up workouts 

intermediate push up

Moving straight into more difficult push ups, skip to the next. If the next is too easy move again until you find your level. Click the link and enjoy!

Intermediate push up workouts 

advanced (for fun)

This final set of push ups are to change up your routine and really get your imagination AND your muscles working!

Advanced push workouts 

See how my online pt service works



Get ready to elevate your fitness journey with our incredible app experience! Picture this: every workout comes with dynamic video instructions to guide you, as well as handy PDFs for quick reference. But wait, there's more - interactive workout sessions can be seamlessly sent to your device, giving you the freedom to follow along at the gym, at home, or even in the great outdoors. As if that's not thrilling enough, you'll also enjoy tracking features and daily motivational emails to keep you on track and fired up to reach your goals.

Now, brace yourself for this unbelievable offer - all of these phenomenal features can be yours for just $2.99 per month (that's approximately £2.41 per month!), and the best part? You can cancel at any time. Are you excited to take your workouts to the next level? Sign up now and unleash your full fitness potential!  

watch a short video

To give you a brief glimpse at what the workouts look like on a mobile.

I have a few different roles within in my practice. Apart from online coaching and personal training work I am also a qualified phlebotomist. What actually is phlebotomy?

Definition of phlebotomy

The drawing of blood (as by venipuncture) for transfusion, apheresis, diagnostic testing, or experimental procedures

NOTE: Phlebotomy was once widely used to treat many types of disease but is now limited to the treatment of only a few conditions like hemochromatosis and polycythemia vera.

"While scientists struggle to understand the molecular subtleties of hemochromatosis, the clinical treatment of the disorder remains remarkably primitive: serial phlebotomy. That is, weekly bloodletting."

— David A. Shaywitz

Blood tests

Optimise your health and reach your fitness goals with our range of specialist blood tests. (Due to ongoing lockdown restrictions this service is only available for online, direct with the lab, testing.)


If you have questions, we might have answers. 

A simple online half hour chat might be all you need. Questions regarding aches and pain, nutrition or exercise. 

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