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Bart Kay

Appearance on the Bart Kay Nutrition Science Watchdog channel


My story in 20 minutes

confident carnivore

In this episode, Stephen (age 56) debunks and dispels many popular myths about nutrition, fitness, and aging.

Before going carnivore, Stephen was eating low carb, which was a big improvement on the high carb diet he had been eating his entire life. Still, on low carb, results were not as good as he wanted. While eating high carb, low fat, Stephen was a semi-professional soccer player, won a singles tennis tournament, and run most middle distance races, but he wasn’t healthy, had frequent colds, and had athlete’s foot among other issues, and he wasn’t at his optimal weight.

As Stephen lowered carbs, he moved toward being a thinner, fitter athlete, but he is much healthier on a carnivore diet. On carnivore, his body fat percentage dropped and his muscle mass increased; his pre-diabetes athlete’s foot, and facial skin rash are gone; and he has more energy and is stronger than he’s ever been. Stephen has zero lower back pain when he had been told at age 23 that he’d be in a wheelchair by age 50!