This page attempts to answer the following simple questions.

  • What are stem cells and how do they help the body repair?

  • What is the difference between embryonic stem cells and adult stems?

  • Can we increase the body's production of adult stem cells?

stem cells

Do you know how the human body replenishes and repairs itself? Every day, 300 billion old or damaged cells die and are eliminated from our body and need to be replenished or repaired. Stem cells play a fundamental role in our body's need for repair and renewal. Increasing the number of stem cells circulating in the body optimizes the ability of tissue repair.

Q & A

Head of Medical Advisory, Dr. Stanley Jacobs, explains the vital role of circulating stem cells in the body and their primary goal of fighting off infection, such as viruses, bacteria, and tumor cells to keep the immune system strong.


Learn about the science of stem cells and how these incredible, transforming cells could lead to personalized medicine for individual bodies.

Is personalized medicine for individual bodies in our future? Possibly -- with the use of stem cells, undifferentiated cells with the power to become any tissue in our bodies. Craig A. Kohn describes the role of these incredible, transforming cells and how scientists are harnessing their medical potential.

Lesson by Craig A. Kohn, animation by Qa'ed Mai.

Bone Marrow

A look at medicine and stem cells. Of particular interest is (at 2 mins 20 seconds of this video) the presenter talks about the process of stimulating the bone marrow to produce more of the body's own adult stem cells.

Adult Stem Cells

Simple animation of the theory regarding adult stem release from bone marrow

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Stem Enhance

Dr. Gitte Jensen, Chairperson of Cerule’s Scientific Advisory Board presents scientific research on our flagship product, StemEnhance ULTRA. Learn about the science behind Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA), Fucoidan and Mesenkine, and discover the benefits of this natural and noninvasive option for supporting health and wellness through the repair and rejuvenation of stem cells.

CD34+ Stem cells

Chat about CD34+ Adult Stem Cells (excerpt from an upcoming episode of "A Doctor's Perspective" with Dr Justin Trosclair.

This video outlines Bart Kay's story, and is not to be taken as any form of claim about any product or person, living or dead. It is a factual account of his experience regarding his health degeneration, his diagnosis, and how the disease is now SORTED.

This video is about how he got his health SORTED: This is valuable information, but this video also briefly covers the following subjects:

  • How to support optimal health

  • What are CD34+ Adult Stem Cells?

  • What is an Adult Stem Cell Enhancer?

Something Bart observed when he was searching for details on how to get his health SORTED, was the absence of relevant info, and a lack of answers from the medical field...

A method to get health SORTED is a subject that he does know something about as he is an experienced health scientist.


Stem cell support video

StemEnhance® Ultra is composed of concentrates and extracts of primitive natural 'superfoods', a unique combination of freshwater microalgae and marine macroalgae. StemEnhance® Ultra is the result of years of identifying, researching, and extracting compounds through the use of proprietary and patented technologies. The blend of StemEnhance® and fucoidane offers a unique synergy that is enhanced by Mesenkine™ - a unique extract of spirulina isolated through our patented extraction process. StemEnhance® Ultra is the result of more than 15 years of research and is the most effective and scientifically-validated well-being product on the market today.


Short explainer video


Inflammation supplement

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